Quest 128

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Starting NPC
Quest NPC
Belle Cap Icon
Mob that Drops Dream Color Spray

Quest 128 - Mom and my magic tailoring! (ママと私の魔法仕立て術!))

Location - City of Megistris, G-4
NPC - 
Requirement - 
Initial Reward - Glamour System Unlock
Replay Reward - 
EXP/Fame - 

Speak to the Pukilipo in the Black Witch Hat at F-4 to obtain the quest. She states that she can unlock the secrets of magical tailoring if she only had a little help. To start, speak to the Pukilipo at A-7 in the Glittering Windmill Tower to receive the first Key item.

Secondly, you'll need a Belle Cap from the Material Store in Julette Town at G-7 on the Weddie continent. With both items obtained return to the starting NPC. Afterwards, she'll need 3 minutes to come up with a better plan. Find some way to kill time for 3 minutes. It might be an excellent time to stretch or grab some water! Or in my case, write more wiki articles.

Well, now that we're feeling refreshed, speak to the NPC again who says she needs one last item. She needs a Dream color Spray. Let's head to Muruel Forest to obtain one. You're looking for the floating tree stumps with chicks in their head. I found some around C-5 of Muruel Forest but they may be more elsewhere.

Let's return to the starting NPC once more.

Congratulations! We can now use the magic shop. Let's go for the real endgame now, Fashion!