Quest 131

From Ethene
  • Quest Name: Shion Flower Language
  • Quest Giver: Rubucci
  • Location: Verinard Castle 1F
  • Target  : Polka Dot Dragon
  • Reward  : Experience, Fame, 4 Purple Eyes, Kneel Emote.

After accepting the quest. Head to Verinard South, then a short distance west will take you to the pier for Verinard West. You are looking for the Polka Dot Dragons that stands on two legs and literally has white polka dots on his body. Slay them until the flower drops. Return to the quest giver. He will teach you the Kneel command. And ask you to go to south Verinard to Daybreak coast. Head back to South Verinard, and head due east near the Verinard North entry. Once you get to the quest circle spot at the south end of G2, use the Kneel emote, it will then ask you if you wish to throw the flower, do so, then return to the quest giver for your reward.