Quest 141

From Ethene
Name Wood Grain Talk 木目は語る
Location Kamiharmui North
Coordinates (Woodworking Guild)
NPC Master Kanna マスター・カンナ
Requirements Woodworking Lv 29 or higher
Previous Quest 47
Next Quest -
Rewards (First Time / Repeat)
Experience 0 P -
Fame 69 P -
Rewards Woodworking level cap raises to Lv35.
Emote "Perfection"
1 Pink Pine


  1. Talk to Master Kanna at the Woodworking Guild in Kamiharmui North to receive this quest.
  2. Make one Sadistick (ろうがぼう) of at least ★☆☆. You will need the following materials, which you can purchase from the guild's material shop or the Bazaar:
    • 4 Pink Pine
    • 20 Cruel Claw
    • 1 Big Bone
    • 4 Sparkly Sap
  3. Once you have made the Sadistick of ★☆☆ or higher quality, give it to Master Kanna to finish the quest.