Quest 142

From Ethene
Name You'll Aim Higher?
Location Entertainment Island Luckland
Coordinates Lamp Alchemy Guild
NPC Master Vecchio
Requirements Lamp Alchemist level 29 or higher
Initial Rewards
Experience 0 P
Fame 69 P
Rewards Lamp Alchemist level cap raises to Lv35
Emote "Perfection"
Replay Rewards
Experience -
Fame -
Rewards 1 Royal Soil
Quest Progression
Previous 49
Next -


  1. Speak with Master Vecchio at the Lamp Alchemy Guild in Luckland to receive this quest.
  2. Vecchio will ask you to add the "Spellcast Speed +4%" effect to a Rune Staff (Note: it is a two-handed weapon). To do so, you will need the following materials, which you can purchase at the material shop or from other players using the Bazaar.
    • 2 Birdsong Nectar
    • 1 Thunderball
    • 5 Faerie Dust
  3. Once you have the finished product ready, show it to Master Vecchio to complete the quest.