Quest 146

From Ethene
Nishiki, Quest giver
Diplomatic Mission (外交任務)
Location Verinard Castle Town (ヴェリナード城)
Starting NPC Unaty (ユナティ) / Nishiki (ニシキ)
Description -
Requirements Quest 144 
Initial Reward Armamentalist Boots
Experience Scroll - ARM (2)
20 skill points in all ARM skills
Replay Reward need info
EXP/Fame 2550 / 34
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 144 Next Quest Quest 147


  • Talk to Unaty in Verinard Castle @ C-2/3. She tells you that your assignment will be given to you by Nishiki (ニシキ), who is located inside Kamiharmui Castle (カミハルムイ城) @ B-2.
    • Note: A quest will not appear in your journal until you talk to Nishiki after speaking with Unaty first.
  • Speak with Nishiki. He tasks you with defeating a monster in Nagiri Cave.
  • After defeating the monster, return and talk to Nishiki. He tells you to return to Unaty in Varinard Castle to collect your reward.
  • Return to Unaty in Verinard Castle to complete the quest.