Quest 166

From Ethene
Forgotten Oath (忘れられた誓い)
Location Gartlant Castle 1st Floor
Starting NPC Soldier Gizman
Description -
Requirements Have any of your vocations at LV36 or higher 
Initial Reward "Raise your Weapon" gesture
4 Urbea Silver Coin
Replay Reward 2 Urbea Silver Coin
EXP/Fame 12480/ 25
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 165 Next Quest Quest 167

Note: This quest must be done to complete the the level 40 Fortuneteller quest and the quest “Actress in the Rugged City” in Glen.

  • Go to Gartlant Castle B1 and speak with ギズマソ (Gizumaso) to receive the quest
  • Afterwards go to the second floor and speak with ゾツク (Zotsuku/Zock)
  • Go down the stairs to “Middle 2F” and speak with ボンガフ (Bongafu) at D-5
  • Go to the room labeled “Armory” at G-3 on the first floor and speak with ゼガス (Zegasu)
  • Return to the second floor, go inside to D-5, and go to the southwestern most statue and bow.
  • Select “Yes” and return to ギズマソ (Gizumaso) on B1.
  • Go to H-2 in the Gilzad Region (Ogreed) and search for Oath Falls to interact with.
  • Go south of Cove Village and defeat 5 Geryon (ゲリユオン) (they are a yellowish-orange, prowl on four legs, have two horns on their head, a red mane going down their back, and have a small pair of wings).
  • Return to the falls and talk to it again
  • Lastly, return to Gartlant Castle B1 and turn in the quest