Quest 173

From Ethene

Quest 173 - ドキドキ湯けむり事件! (The Heart-Pounding Hot Spring Incident!)

Location - Wind Town Azlan (風の町アズラン) Inn
NPC - Manju (マンジュ)
Requirement - Lv 22 
Initial Reward - Hot Spring Unlocked
Replay Reward - Sunstone
EXP/Fame - 2580P / 43P
  • Defeat a Crushed Corpse (くさった死体) and get the item Cleaning Rod (おそうじぼう). They can be found around G4-6 at Kamiharmui Territory South (カミハルムイ領南). It will only appear at Night.
  • Return to Manju and you will be asked to clean and fix the hot spring. Male characters clean the Woman's bath and Female character clean the Men's bath.
  • After a cutscene the quest will be cleared.
You can enter the hot spring for 50G and you will get a small buff that restores 1HP every 10 seconds for 30 minutes.