Quest 176

From Ethene
Holy Messenger Benihina
Limits Beyond Limits (限界の先の限界)
Location Tsusukul Plains (ツスクル平野) (A6)
Starting NPC Holy Messenger Benihina (聖使者ベニヒナ)
Description -
Requirements Level 56+ 
Initial Reward Level cap raised to 65 (レベルの上限が65になる)
Replay Reward 1 Urbea Gold Coin (ウルベア金貨)
EXP/Fame 16440P/137P
Replay EXP/Fame ?P/?P
Previous Quest Quest 120 Next Quest Quest 200


A Dark Panther.
  • Return and speak to Benihina to complete the quest.

NOTE: You can receive the next level cap quest when you reach level 61.