Quest 193

From Ethene
Name Eternal Vow
Location Tsusukul Village
Coordinates G-4
NPC Yonja
Requirements -
Initial Rewards
Experience 47500 P
Fame 137 P
Rewards 1 Green Orb
Replay Rewards
Experience 13750 P
Fame -
Rewards 5 Green Eye
Quest Progression
Previous 192
Next -


  1. Speak with Yonja to begin the quest.
  2. You'll be prompted to teleport to the entrance of Forest of Eternity in Tsusukul Plains at H-3.
  3. In the forest, go to E-3 and enter the teleportal to fight a boss, Accursed Beast.
  4. Go to Tsusukul Village and speak with Yonja at G-4 to complete the quest.