Quest 197

From Ethene
  • Quest Name: Battle Curse
  • Quest Giver: Guran
  • Location: Langao Village Chiefs house
  • Target  : Chief
  • Reward  : Experience, Fame, Red Eye Orbs, Medium Exp book.

After accepting this quest. head to the house NW of the Church. When you open the doors a cutscene will play out. Afterwards you will have the option of teleporting to Lion's Gate immediately. If not, just head to Lion's Gate next, located directly south of the village once you leave the village. Once there, head to the south exit of the village into Glen East. Go west to the cave entrance at C-1, go thru the maze like cavern until you reach B-1 which is the zone entry into the Beast's Nest. You will get a cutscene. Afterwards, return to Langao and go back into the chiefs house. Speak to Guran for your reward.