Quest 198

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Quest 198 - Grim Reapers Judgement

Requirements: Completion of Quest 197 - The Curse of Battle
Quest Giver: Guran
Location: Langao Village - Chief's House
Initial Reward: Red Orb
Exp/Fame: 49100P / 137P

  • Upon Arrival, an event will occur before you can receive the quest, once you receive the quest you are asked to bring back 1 Superior Medicine and 1 Softwort
If you are not a Trial player, this can be easily purchased off of the Bazaar, otherwise you will have to grind the drops from Aloe Oni in Kirika Meadow for the Superior Medicine, and the Softworts from Rhino Soldiers in Oresco Highlands, It's recommended to do this as a thief as they have a chance to steal said items off off these enemies
  • Upon bringing said items, an event will once again occur, and you will be told to go to the Village Battlefield, which will once again start an event and start a boss fight.
This Boss has two skills that raises his tension. It is highly recommended to bring a Claw user or a Sage with you to prevent him from making use of it.
  • After the battle, an Event will occur.
  • Upon returning to the Chiefs House, report to Guran to Receive your rewards.