Quest 210

From Ethene
Name Flaming Finals!
Location Pukulet Village
Coordinates F4
NPC Chief Pukklei
Requirements Clear Quest
Initial Rewards
Experience 52880 P
Fame 137 P
Rewards 1 Purple Orb
Replay Rewards
Experience -
Fame -
Rewards 5 Purple Eyes
Quest Progression
Previous 209
Next -


  • Speak to Chief Pukklei to begin the quest.
  • Talk to Paulina at the Item Shop in E3
  • Head to Sage's Lair in H6 of Popola Region to hunt and kill Orobas till one drops the Puku-Marked Ointment that you need.
  • Take the Puku-Marked Ointment back to Chief Pukklei to complete the quest.