Quest 217

From Ethene
  • Quest Name: I love cook!
  • Quest Giver: Princess Lin
  • Location: Kamiharmui Castle Kitchen
  • Target  : Ghoul
  • Reward  : Apologize emote, Experience, Fame, 3 Green Gems.

After speaking with the Princess, you need to go to the Abandoned Castle. To get there head to the north exit out of the castle town to Kamiharmui T. North, then head northeast to the Dream forest, from there you head into the ancient castle. The enemy you need is the Ghoul, that is towards the back of the entire place around F2 and F3, near sleeping enemies. Slay until the fruit drops, return to the princess, the princess will then send you to her caregiver next door nearest the throne room, the granny will pretend to be sick and teach you the Apology emote, return to the princess, use the Apology emote, she will show an exclamation mark if done successfully. You will then get your reward. Quest Complete.