Quest 226

From Ethene
Name Come, Master of Fashion
(来たれ おしゃれマスター)
Location Megistris City
Coordinates D4
NPC Perere
Requirements Level 40
Initial Rewards
Experience 0 P
Fame 52 P
Rewards 1 Human Dress-Up Doll (M)*
1 Human Dress-Up Doll (F)*
*Your reward matches your character's gender.
Replay Rewards
Experience 0 P
Fame -
Rewards 1 Vanilla Lily
Quest Progression
Previous -
Next -


  • Speak to Perere to begin the quest. He will give you a Trend Hat.
  • You will need to dye the hat using the color Perere tells you. The requiered color changes every day, cycling in the following order:
    1. Blue
    2. Vanilla
    3. Gray
    4. Brown
    5. Olive
    6. Night
    7. Red
    8. Pink
    9. Jungle
    10. Yellow
  • Acquire the materials you need through one of the following methods:
    • Purchase from the bazaar. (Unavailable to Trial Players.)
    • Grow them on your garden. You need to own a house, and growing flowers takes days.
    • If you have the rarer variants of a dye, you can exchange them for 5 of the common dye by talking to Exchange Shop Pupurun. For example, 1 Coral Marie can be exchanged for 5 Brown Marie.
  • Speak to Dyer Pipil in Fashion Street (G4) with the hat equipped & with no Glamour on, and dye the hat. You will need 10 flowers of the same kind.
    • Note: "Equipment dyeing" is permanent on the equipment piece, while "Glamour dyeing" only affects the instance saved on the Glamour slot. For this quest you are required to use the "Equipment dyeing" option
  • Equip the newly colored Trend Hat and shown it to Perere to finish the quest.
Dyer Pipil, in Fashion Street.