Quest 270

From Ethene
Name Tomogara's request
Location F. Town of Celed - High Church 2nd Floor
Coordinates E-6
NPC Fecto
Requirements Version 2 Cleared
Initial Rewards
Experience 35340 P
Fame 89 P
Rewards 1 Wood Carved Rosary
3 Spellbound Bough
Replay Rewards
Experience 2670 P
Fame -
Rewards 3x Pink Pine
Quest Progression
Previous -
Next -


  • Talk to Fecto on the 2nd floor of Celed High Church
  • Go to Linjahar Coast and kill Missing Lynx until it drops Tomogara Seedling
    • If you came straight from Celed you will find them as you travel the only path forwards
  • Before you go back, you need 1 Horse Manure. You can purchase this from the Bazaar (Items > Materials > Other) or you can pick 4 of them at F-3 in Grand Zedora Castle
  • Hand both items to Fecto and wait 3 minutes
  • Travel to Royal City Kamiharmui North and talk to Hayato on the 2nd floor of the Woodworking Guild (G-2)
  • Go back to Fecto and finish the quest