Quest 284

From Ethene

The Quest

Rejoice, for with this quest you can finally, finally raise your skill points past Level 100.

You can begin the quest at the T. Dharma Temple at E-3 by speaking to the tall glass of water in the glasses- Ahem. Speak to the Skillmaster in the green robe to begin.

Once this is done he'll direct you towards Tazzi, his youngest student. After speaking with him, prepare for a boss fight with not one, but two Dragons.


Remain calm, or try to, when two dragons appear at once. They can be intimidating but the worst they can do is gang up on a single character. Lets go over the possible attacks they can do:

The first attack is their flame breath, it deals roughly 180~ damage but Martial Artist's ability to increase breath resistance helps. if you're going to be standing near its front, use it. Otherwise, just simply be out of its range. Its a conal AoE in front of the Dragon.

The second attack is worse, they can slam the ground and deal about 180~ damage with an additional knockback. This can interrupt actions, including precious heals. If you're a front-line fighter try to be to his side or behind him to avoid this. Above all else, don't let your healer get stunned by this.


Remember, stay calm. If you have AoE Abilities you can easily deal damage to both. If your Healing is low, instead try to focus one down, then the other. If you have a Demon swordsman or Sage they can use Disruption Wave to remove any buffs the two put up.

I cleared this fight with a party of 55-60's using a Demon Swordsman, Sage, Paladin, and Armamentalist. The PLD tanked with their coup-de-grace, the DMN focused entirely on single target, SGE was a healer and the ARM was an mp battery and support dps.


Congratulations on your clear! You are now much stronger, go ahead and spend all those sweet new skill points to unlock your first "Special" skills. These skills have cooldowns designated next to their description. Careful use of these can turn a battle around in your favor.