Quest 29

From Ethene
Name Warmth of the Sun おひさまのぬくもり
Location Dolworm Kingdom
Coordinates E7
NPC Paper Shop Mizuna 便せん屋ミズナ
Requirements None
Previous Quest -
Next Quest -
Rewards (First Time / Repeat)
Experience 1560 P 780 P
Fame 26 P -
Rewards Able to buy Sun Paper
1 Sun Paper
1 Sun Paper


  • Speak to Paper Shop Mizuna to begin the quest.
  • Head to Chaldea Mountain Road to hunt Dancing Flame until a Flare Powder drops.
    • They're found on the bridges in the zone, with the closest being at E2 if coming from Goble Desert East.
  • Take the Flare Powder back to Paper Shop Mizuna to complete the quest.