Quest 30

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A Storage Facility

Quest 30 - Depository of Love and Trust (愛と信頼の預かり所)

Location - Any storage facility
Requirement - Lv 10
Initial Reward - Storage is unlocked / Old Document 
Replay Reward - Single phial
EXP/Fame - 1760P / 17P
  • Talk to an NPC at any storage facility (marked by the blue vault icon) when level 10 or above to accept this quest.
  • They will ask you to defeat a Bubble Slime (バブルスライム) to get the item Glittering Ink (きらめきインク).
A Bubble Slime
  • Bubble Slimes can be found in: Glen Region East (グレン領東) [F2], Azlan Region (アズラン地方) [E3], Mogarim Highway (モガリム街道) [C4], Orphea Region East (オルフェア地方東) [F4], and Lenam Fields (レーナム緑野) [F4]. Each of these locations is near one of the five starting areas, meaning that regardless of location you should have no trouble finding a Bubble Slime.
Hint: When you enter battle with an enemy type you need to defeat for a quest, a blue circle will briefly flash in front of that enemy. You may have to kill a few Bubble Slimes to successfully get the item drop, but once you get it a textbox will appear after the battle and future encounters will not have the blue circle.  
  • Once you have gotten the item drop, return to any storage facility and you will successfully gain access to the item storage vault!