Quest 30

From Ethene
Quest 30
Depository of Love and Trust
Location Any storage facility
Starting NPC Storage Vendor
Description ?
Requirements Lv 10
Reward Emote Storage is unlocked / Old Document
EXP/Fame 24P/9P
Replay Single Phial
  • Talk to an NPC at any storage facility (marked by the blue vault icon) when level 10 or above to accept this quest.
  • They will ask you to defeat a Bubble Slime (バブルスライム) to get the item Glittering Ink (きらめきインク).
  • Once you have gotten the item drop, return to any storage facility and you will successfully gain access to the item storage vault!

Bubble Slime

Bubble Slimes can be found in:

Each of these locations is near one of the five starting areas, meaning that regardless of location you should have no trouble finding a Bubble Slime.

Hint: When you enter battle with an enemy type you need to defeat for a quest, a blue circle will briefly flash in front of that enemy. You may have to kill a few Bubble Slimes to successfully get the item drop, but once you get it a textbox will appear after the battle and future encounters will not have the blue circle.