Quest 303

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Wardrobe, quest giver
Quest 303: Birth of an Item User (どうぐ使い誕生)
Location Gatara Wilderness (ガタラ原野)
Starting NPC Wardrobe (タンス)
Requirements Quest 34 Complete
DQX v2 installed
any Monster Book
Initial Reward Item Master unlocked
Master Key key item
Replay Reward need info
EXP / Fame None / None
Previous Quest Quest 34 Next Quest Quest 304


  • Before you begin the quest, buy a Monster Scouting Book. This will save you time later.
    • To do this, go to a Tavern in any city and go downstairs to the Monster Tavern. Look for the Slime sign.
    • In the Monster Tavern, talk to the Item Vendor and choose a book with a cog icon (examine the item to see it).
  • Head to Gatara Wilderness and run to F-4 (the green dot on the map), where you will see a blue floating orb. Inside is the Delcroix Institute.
  • Interact with the blue portal, navigate to the end of the cave and pass through the door.
  • Talk to Wardrobe. It tasks you with obtaining two items: an Ancient Weapon and an Iridescent Ingot.
    • An Ancient Weapon is obtained as a drop from slaying Guardvaark / Skull Garoos monsters in Gatara Wilderness around E-2/E-3.
    • An Iridescent Ingot is obtained as a drop from slaying Clockwork Cucko / Gachakokkos monsters in Gatara Wilderness also around E-2/E-3.
      • The droprate should be very high, so continue to kill them until you receive the items.
  • Head back to the Delcroix Institute and give the Ancient Weapon and Iridescent Ingot to Wardrobe.
  • Wardrobe wants you to obtain a Monster Scouting Book. It explains that the book must be a non-magic type of scouting book, specifically. Hopefully you have already done this step.
  • Speak to Wardrobe again with the Scouting Book. It tells you to give the book to Delcroix.
  • Give the book to Delcroix for a cutscene and your rewards.
  • Congratulations on becoming an Item Master!

  • Scout Book with cog icon
  • Guaardvark
  • Clockwork Cucko