Quest 305

From Ethene
Wardrobe, quest giver
Quest 305: Delcroix's Training
Location Gatara Wilderness / Orseco Highlands
Starting NPC Wardrobe (タンス)
Requirements Quest 304 complete
Initial Reward Item Master Hat, Item Master Gloves, 4 scrolls of experience - ITM, 20 Skill points.
Replay Reward need info
EXP / Fame 5157 / 69
Previous Quest Quest 304 Next Quest Quest 306


  • Talk to the Wardrobe in Delcroix's laboratory to start the quest.
  • Head to the Old Orseco Arena, located in the Orseco Highlands.
    • the fastest way there is to teleport to Gartland, and take the northwest exit into Orseco Highlands.
  • Make your way to the lowest floor to the Arena Stage for a cutscene and a fight.
  • Once you've won, go back to Delcroix's laboratory and talk to the wardrobe to complete the quest.