Quest 307

From Ethene
Wardrobe, quest giver
Quest 307: Wardrobe Mysteries
Location Gatara Wilderness / Goble Desert West
Starting NPC Wardrobe (タンス)
Requirements Quest 306 complete
Initial Reward Item Master's Coup de Grâce, 6 scrolls of experience - ITM, 20 Skill points.
Replay Reward need info
EXP / Fame 8820 / 137
Previous Quest Quest 306 Next Quest Quest 309


  • Walk into Delcroix's laboratory and watch the cutscene.
  • Head to Goble Desert West, and defeat 5 of the flying sword enemies.
    • They can be found right near the entrance to Gobble Desert West.
  • Once you've won, go back to Delcroix's laboratory to complete the quest.