Quest 31

From Ethene
Adventurer Tavern Welcome! (冒険者の酒場へようこそ!)
Location Any Tavern
Starting NPC Any Introducer (紹介人) NPC
Description -
Requirements Village story clear, Level 20+ 
Initial Reward Tavern Recruitment unlocked, 1 Urbea Gold Coin (ウルベア金貨)
Replay Reward 2 Single Phial (まほうの小ビン)
EXP/Fame 1920P/?P
Replay EXP/Fame 480P/?P
Previous Quest None Next Quest None


  • Find any tavern in most towns/cities and speak to the Introducer (紹介人) NPC behind the counter to receive the quest. Taverns will appear on your map as beer mug icons. (Your starting village does not have a tavern.)
  • The NPC will request a Birdsong Nectar (さえずりのみつ) that you can obtain in two ways: via trading/Bazaar or purchasing from a vendor. If you are a trial player, you cannot trade with other players or use the Bazaar, so you'll have to buy one from a vendor.
  • Go to the train station and use the train to go to Entertainment Island Luckland (娯楽島ラッカラン). Once there, head outside and enter the big building in the center that has a giant lamp on the top.
  • Talk to Mat. Shop Nadie (素材屋ナディ) to the right once entering the building. Buy one Birdsong Nectar for 210 gold. (It will be the first item on page 2.)
  • Head back to any Introducer NPC in any tavern to complete the quest. (It doesn't have to be the same one you accepted the quest from.)