Quest 32

From Ethene

Quest 32 - 旅のお供にコンシェルジュ (A Concierge to Accompany You On Your Journey)

Location - Any Inn in a town or city
NPC - Concierge
Requirement - lv 15
Initial Reward - Travel Concierge functions unlocked / Gleeban Gold Piece
Replay Reward - 5x Single phial
EXP/Fame - 3720P / 26P
  • Defeat a She Slime (スライムベス ) to obtain the item "Astolnium" (アストルニウム). She Slimes can easily be found right outside any of the main continents town
  • Return the item to any Concierge NPC to clear the quest. This unlocks Weekly Gold, Casino tickets, Bingo tickets, and Casino coin vouchers, the ability to spend Genki charge for items, and you can do Fukubiki through the use of Fukubiki tickets