Quest 33

From Ethene
Name Medal Owner's Remorse
Location Luckland Island, Owner's Mansion 2F
Coordinates E4
NPC Kranoch
Requirements Level 15
Initial Rewards
Experience 2420 P
Fame 26 P
Rewards Unlock Mini Medal Exchange
1 Urbea Gold Coin
Replay Rewards
Experience 605 P
Fame -
Rewards 2 Urbea Copper Coin
Quest Progression
Previous -
Next -


  • Speak to Kranoch to begin the quest.
  • Head to Glitter Windmill Tower. You can get there by taking the train to Town of Orphea and heading to the west.
  • Look for an NPC named Renoch on the second floor of the tower at C4 and speak to him.

  • Return to Kranoch to complete the quest. You can now exchange Mini Medals with Island Chief Golek for a variety of items.
    • NOTE: After completing the quest, you can speak with both Kranoch and Lenoch to receive a Mini Medal from both of them.