Quest 33

From Dragon Quest X
Medal Owner's Regret (メダル・オーナーの悔恨 )
Location Entertainment Island Luckland (娯楽島ラッカラン) Owner's Mansion 2F (オーナーの館2階) (E4)
Starting NPC Kranoch (クラノッホ)
Description -
Requirements Level 15+ 
Initial Reward Unlock Mini Medal Exchange (ちいさなメダル交換が可能になる), 1 Urbea Gold Coin (ウルベア金貨)
Replay Reward 1 Urbea Silver Coin (ウルベア銀貨)
EXP/Fame 2420P/26P
Replay EXP/Fame ?P/?P
Previous Quest None Next Quest None


NOTE: After completing the quest, you can speak with both Kranoch and Lenoch to receive a Mini Medal from both of them.