Quest 35

From Dragon Quest X
Majirik in North Port Lendor

Quest 35 - The End of the Journey and the Stone of Memory (旅の終わりと記憶の石)

Location: Port Town Lendor (North)
Starting NPC: Majirik @ C-5
Requirements: Lv 24+
Initial Reward: Zoomstone
Replay Reward: need data
EXP/Fame: 5160/43
Previous Quest: N/A
Next Quest: N/A


  • Speak with Majirik in North Port Town Lendor @ C-5.
  • The Old Man tasks you with slaying an Armor Bearer / Knight Errant until you receive a Rusty Sword.
    • You can find them at Glen East of the Ogreed Continent around G-3. Look for the monster that looks like a knight wearing blue-green armor and with a pink-red mane.
  • Return to Majirik when completed for your Zoomstone, a precious necessity for your life as an adventurer!