Quest 369

From Ethene
Name Gift from the Past
Location True Ethene Village
Coordinates E-2
NPC Hana
Requirements -
Initial Rewards
Experience 72600 P
Fame 146 P
Rewards Skill Book
Replay Rewards
Experience 0 P
Fame 0 P
Rewards 0
Quest Progression
Previous 368
Next 370


  • Speak with Hana at True Ethene Village to accept the quest.
  • Walkthrough Warp to Surea Coast and make your way to Issho's Cabin. Receive the Wind Pearl key item from Issho.
  • Return to Hana and turn in the Wind Pearl.
  • Mount your dragon and fly towards Lazea Wind Cave, located at E-6.
  • Locate the glowing stone door and interact with it for a cutscene and boss fight.
    • Sorcerer Bezubu will cast Kazammle and various status effects. A way to neutralize spells is useful for this encounter.
  • Mount your dragon and return to Ethene Village. Speak with Hana to complete the quest.