Quest 372

From Ethene
Name A Hero Saves All -
Location False Melsandy Village
Coordinates E-4
NPC Panino -
Requirements -
Previous Quest 371
Next Quest -
Rewards (First Time / Repeat)
Experience 60400 P 10200 P
Fame 121 P 21 P
Rewards Skill Book Magic Water x3


  • Speak with Panino to accept the quest.
  • Exit the village and use the Brave Stone to head to True Melsandy Village.
  • Speak to Aili on the 2nd floor of the Tale Writer's House to give her the notebook.
  • Exit the village and use the Brave Stone to head to False Melsandy Village.
  • Speak to Panino to learn that Zankrone needs your help at False Witchwood.
  • To reach False Witchwood, exit the village and head south to False Rhone Forest.
  • Head north to the False Banquet Hall for a boss fight. Follow the path to navigate the Witchwood easily.
    • Gretzel will fight with high level spells, such as Kafrizzle and Feather Squall, but the more annoying part of this fight is the environment. Enemy monsters such as Whiskamancers and Bodkin Archers will be posted all around the second floor, and can hit you from any range. In addition, Gretzel can use Bready or Not to turn your party into bread for 15 seconds, preventing you from taking actions.
      • There are two treasure chests in this building. One is behind a door with an eye. You need an emote from False Solaria Canyon called "Prayer of Liberation" to unlock.
  • After the boss fight, watch the cutscene. Return to False Melsandy Village.
  • Speak to Panino, who will ask you to thank Aili. Head to True Melsandy Village and speak with Aili.
  • Return yet again to False Melsandy Village and speak with Panino to complete the quest.