Quest 373

From Ethene
Name Ghost Investigation
Location False Town of Celed (Queen's Room)
Coordinates G-2
NPC Lieselotte
Requirements -
Initial Rewards
Experience 47400 P
Fame 95 P
Rewards Seed of Life
Replay Rewards
Experience 3700 P
Fame 8 P
Rewards Magic Water x3
Quest Progression
Previous -
Next 374


  • Speak with Lieselotte to accept the quest.
  • Make your way to False Linjahar Coast, specifically the Coast Ruins.
    • Fastest route is Dragonriding if you've unlocked it. If not, False Celedot Mountain Pass > False Linjahar Coast.
  • At C-3 is the Fade Shell, where the clams are.
  • Return to False Celed and Lieselotte.
  • Head to False Celedot Mountain Pass and the Beryl Cave for a cutscene. (F-6)
  • Return to Lieselotte in False Celed to complete the quest.