Quest 375

From Ethene
Name Coda's Tomorrow
Location False Town of Celed (Queen's Room)
Coordinates G-2
NPC Lieselotte
Requirements -
Initial Rewards
Experience 60800 P
Fame 122 P
Rewards Skill Book
Replay Rewards
Experience 10400 P
Fame 21 P
Rewards Magic Water x5
Quest Progression
Previous 374
Next -


  • Speak with Lieselotte to accept the quest.
  • Make your way to the clinic in True Celed (C-3) and inspect the door on the second floor.
  • After the cutscene, return to False Lendersia and make your way to False Rovos Highlands and enter the False Zedra Cave.
    • Quickest route without dragonriding is via False Gran Zedora Territory.
  • In False Zedra, head to the back of the cave labeled False Dragon Nest for a boss fight.
    • Great Argon Lizard will use large tail swipes and breath attacks.
  • Return to True Celed and the Clinic to turn in the Argon Heart.
  • After the cutscene, head to False Celed's High Church and report back to Lieselotte.
  • Finally, make your way to the roof of the clinic to complete the quest.