Quest 388

From Ethene
Name The Man Who Lived 生きていた男
Location F. Gran Zedora Castle 2nd Floor
Coordinates -
NPC Minister Rigez リゲス大臣
Requirements Quest 343
Previous Quest -
Next Quest 389
Rewards (First Time / Repeat)
Experience 49300 P 4650 P
Fame 38 P 10 P
Rewards Seed of Resilience Magic Water x3


  • Talk to Minister Rigez in the "Throne Room" on the 2nd floor of False Gran Zedora Castle to accept the quest.
  • Go to False Sea Breeze Cave, you need to reach the Burial Room located in H2.
    • To reach this cave faster, open the hidden door in the courtyard of False Gran Zedora Castle.
  • When you reach the Burial Room, a boss fight will start.
  • Watch the event that happens after the fight, evac yourself out and go to False Gran Zedora Castle.
  • Talk to Cannock, he's in the Kitchen Room located on the 2nd floor to receive food for the mourning soldier.
    • You won't receive the food until you complete Quest 268, this is why is recommended to finish.
  • After receiving the food, you'll be warped to the Burial Room, watch the event.
  • You'll be warped outside the Throne Room of the False castle, watch the cutscene and now you can finish your quest.