Quest 398

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The Legend of the Dancer's End
Location Lion's Gate
Starting NPC Nachos
Description -
Requirements Quest 397 
Initial Reward Proof of Dancer
Experience Scroll - DNC (6)
20 points in all DNC skills
Replay Reward need info
EXP/Fame 14190 / 172
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 397 Next Quest None


  • Talk to Nachos to start the quest.
  • It's time to purify the Grudge King!
  • We need to meet Rastasya at the bottom of the valley of death, where the Grudge King will wake up.
  • Trek to Injury Valley, which is the northeast exit of Puklet Region in Pukuland Continent.
  • Head west into Injury Valley and get ready for a boss fight.
  • After the scene, head back to Lion's Gate and talk to Nachos for an event and to complete the questchain.
  • This tent's too small for you, a legendary dancer with a legendary pelvis, so Nachos gives you permission to travel... maybe we'll meet again someday!

The Proof of Dancer is a Proof item that, when equipped, gives a 1% chance for an action to not consume a turn in battle.