Quest 418

From Ethene
Name Night to the King!
Location Megistris City
Coordinates E-5
NPC Puttsan
Requirements -
Initial Rewards
Experience 5500 P
Fame 34 P
Rewards Change body size at the salon
Replay Rewards
Experience 2750 P
Fame -
Rewards Urbea Silver Coin (1)
Quest Progression
Previous -
Next -


  • Talk to Puttsan under the fountain at E-5 and select Yes when asked
  • Kill any normal Slime to drop Slime Oil S.
    • The fastest way is to use Bazoom Girl Ranry (C-7) to your race starting village (if you don't have a zoomstone set) then kill a slime just outside of the village
  • Return to Puttsan to give him the Slime Oil S.
  • Go to King Ladis Island in Wena Island and kill a King Slime (around D-7) to drop Slime Oil L.
  • Return to Puttsan and finish the quest