Quest 465

From Ethene
Name Revived Village 生き返る村
Location True Ethene Village
Coordinates F-4
NPC Shini シンイ
Requirements Clear Version 3.55
Previous Quest -
Next Quest 484
Rewards (First Time / Repeat)
Experience 73800 P None P
Fame 288 P None P
Rewards Seed of Therapeusis None


  • Speak with Shini in True Ethene Village. He will give you a "Letter to Mother" for Mother Lione.
  • Go to Made Isle. Once there, go to the Island Monastery (D1) and deliver the letter to Mother Lione (C4).
  • Go to True Linja Tower and climb up to the 6th Floor. A boss battle will start once you enter the True Forbidden Altar.
  • After the conversation with Sister Lyra following the boss battle, go back to True Ethene Village and report to Shini to complete the quest.
  • After clearing this quest, True Ethene Village will become New Ethene Village. Make sure to speak with Shini again to receive the Ethenel Ring and to unlock a new questline: The Promised Traveler.