Quest 471

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  • Quest Name: Cosmetics for Adults
  • Quest Giver: Cosmin
  • Location: City of Megistris-Salon
  • Target  : Lucian
  • Reward  : Experience, Fame, The ability to change between Human Adult and Child forms.

So after speaking with the quest giver. Head outside of the Castle Town and go west to the Epistess Hills zone. Once there, head to G4. Once there you will climb up what seems to be a honeycomb, you will find a shiny in the middle of it, grab it. Return to the quest giver. After speaking with her, take a photo of her in camera mode. Be warned, if you are using Clarity you may get a infinite waiting hourglass, it may or may not happen. Once you taken the picture you will get the indication that you took what the quest demanded. Talk to her again. Now you have to go to True Gran Zedora Castle. Basement Floor 1. Speak to the red haired boy named Lucian. Now return to the quest giver for your reward.