Quest 573

From Ethene
Name First Job at a Paper Shop
Location Royal City Kimbel
Coordinates C-5
NPC Paper Shop Himeuzu
Requirements Completion of V4.5
Initial Rewards
Experience 15800 P
Fame -
Rewards Able to purchase Royalty Paper
1 Royalty Paper
Replay Rewards
Experience 7900 P
Fame -
Rewards 1 Royalty Paper
Quest Progression
Previous -
Next -


  • To start the quest, find Paper Shop Himeuzu in Royal City Kimbel
  • Head to the Royal Army Ward
  • Continue north to Royal Army HQ
  • Go upstairs to the second floor (2F) and into the Commander's Office
  • Take out your camera and take a picture of Mereade
  • Head back to Paper Shop Himeuzu to turn in the quest