Quest 580

From Ethene

Quest 580 - Deliver Thoughts (届けたい想い)

Name Deliver Thoughts
Location Royal City Kimbel
Coordinates G-4
NPC Emily
Requirements Clear V4.5
Completion of Quest 483
Initial Rewards
Experience 79200 P
Fame 83 P
Rewards Family Portrait (1)
Pretty Betsy (1)
Replay Rewards
Experience 10870 P
Fame -
Rewards Family Portait (1)
Silkblossom (1)
Quest Progression
Previous -
Next -


  • Talk to Emily at G-4 to start the quest.
  • Head to the Royal Army Ward at D-3.
  • Head to C-2 and talk to Kolsha.
  • Go to the Frontier Guard Post in the present world. Royal City Kimbel > Bantryu Region > Frontier Guard Post
  • Run to the Guard's Office at D-6 and go up the stairs to the second floor.
  • Speak to Adviser Javeri.
  • Go back downstairs. Just outside of the Guard's Office, speak to Neria at D-5.
  • Head to Lauralie Hill. From your current position: Frontier Guard Post > Bantryu Region > Ethene Kingdom Area > Lauralie Hill
  • In front of you, approach the blue glowy aura and pick up the Laural Nectar.
  • Return to the Guard's Office at the Frontier Guard Post and speak to Adviser Javeri to give him the Laural Nectar.
  • Head back to Royal City Kimbel and head back to the Royal Army Ward
  • Run to Kolsha and say in nearby chat: "ギリウスへいか ばんざい"
  • Return to Emily at G-4 to receive a "Green Memory Crystal".
  • Go back to the Royal Army Ward and enter the Relay Gate. Go to Padrea Mansion.
  • Go inside the mansion, head to the Guest Room at B-4 and go upstairs.
  • Speak to Marone and a cutscene will play.
  • Return to Emily in Royal City Kimbel to complete the quest.