Quest 626

From Ethene
Name Future Wind Sound 未来への風音
Location Yangshuo's Hideout
Coordinates -
NPC Yoi ヨイ
Requirements Quest 625 completed
Previous Quest 625
Next Quest -
Rewards (First Time / Repeat)
Experience 81000 P 9300 P
Fame 162 P 19 P
Rewards Peashock Toy (1) Peashock Toy (1)
Cherry Blossom Petal (2)


  1. Talk to Yoi to start the quest.
  2. Go to Wisdom Altar in Tsusukul Plains B-3 and check the bookshelves to trigger a cutscene.
  3. Go to the Dream Forest B-2 in Kamiharmui North and examine the glowing spot, it will bring you to Ouma's Laboratory. Enter the deepest area for another cutscene.
  4. Go to Kamuira Hole in Kamiharmui North (D-7) for a scene and a boss fight.
  5. After the cutscenes, report to Yoi to finish the quest.