Quest 63

From Dragon Quest X
Innkeep Molten, Quest giver
Shines When You Polish It! (みがけば光る!)
Location South Port Lendor (港町レンドア南)
Starting NPC Innkeep Molten (宿屋モルテン)
Description &nbsp
Requirements Quest 62
Drain Magic Spell (マホトラ), Learned at Lv 35+ 
Initial Reward Mage Hat
Experience Scroll - MGE (4)
20 skill points in all MGE skills
Replay Reward 2070 / 1
EXP/Fame 4140 / 69
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 62 Next Quest Quest 64

Note: In order to complete this quest, you be at least Lv 35 as MGE to learn the spell "Drain Magic" (マホトラ).


  • You must speak with Innkeep Molten (宿屋モルテン) in the South Port Lendor Inn and sleep there to initiate the quest.
  • The mysterious voice from behind the mirror, Ryunan (リュナン), tasks you absorbing 100 MP total from enemies across multiple battles by using the "Drain Magic" (マホトラ) Spell.
    • Other methods of MP absorption will NOT count!
  • After absorbing 100 MP total, return to the Inn in South Port Lendor and talk to Innkeep Molten (宿屋モルテン) once more to rest to speak with Ryunan (リュナン) and complete the quest.