Quest 65

From Ethene
Name Wizard Is Missing
Location South Port Lendor
Coordinates H3
NPC Innkeep Molten
Requirements Quest 64 Completed
Initial Rewards
Experience 8220 P
Fame 137 P
Rewards 0 Zone skill
Experience Scroll - MGE (6)
20 skill points in all MGE skills
Replay Rewards
Experience 4110 P
Fame -
Rewards -
Quest Progression
Previous 64
Next 66


  • You must speak with Innkeep Molten (宿屋モルテン) in the South Port Lendor Inn and sleep there to initiate the quest.
  • The mysterious voice from behind the mirror, Ryunan (リュナン) asks you to go to the Abandoned Castle on the Eltona Continent and enter the house at E6, taking the long way around the porch by going left and entering the door at the back of the house from the outside.
  • Go to the Dream Forest and Defeat an Incubus (インキュバス) (Orange Aardvark-looking monsters holding pillows)

Finishing it off with the Spell Crack (ヒャド) for the Quest Item Tramana Stone it Drops

    • Incubus ONLY appear in the Dream Forest AT NIGHT
  • Return to the house in the Abandoned Castle
  • Return to the Mirror in the South Port Lendor Inn by speaking to Innkeep Molten (宿屋モルテン).

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