Quest 654

From Ethene
Name Martyr of Art
Location False Cocolata Beach
Coordinates E-1
NPC Fabiel
Requirements -
Initial Rewards
Experience 83500 P
Fame 167 P
Rewards Golden Petal
Replay Rewards
Experience 13900 P
Fame 28 P
Rewards Magic Water x5
Quest Progression
Previous 653
Next 655


  • Speak with Fabiel to accept the quest, and then speak with the Maluminary.
  • Mount your dragon and fly over to False Melun Watermill. Speak with Raska.
  • Proceed to the southern part of False Melsandy Granary Belt, specifically, the windmill at D-8. Use "Raise" emote at the wall where the door should be.
  • Inside, use the "Raise" emote near the Hizumi to clear it.
  • Head over to False Kingdom of Al-Ahagiro, specifically, the monster arena.
  • Inside, use the "Raise" emote in front of Suina.
  • Head counterclockwise from the reception desk all the way around the monster arena.
  • After you receive the alert that something changed, head up to the second floor, and take the southern elevator to the battle arena.
  • Use the "Raise" emote to erase the Hizumi.
  • Mount your dragon and fly to the Cave of Creation on the island of Ethene.
  • Make your way through the Cave of Creation to the Creatorium for a boss fight.
    • The Maluminary will join you for this fight.
    • Madesagora uses a number of high-level spells:
      • Scepter Ball is a multi-hitting Zammle attack
      • Kafrizzle is extreme fire damage
      • Cloth of Darkness to reduce incoming damage
      • Kacrackle for AoE ice damage
      • Godspeed Kafrizzle for extreme fire damage to a single target, multiplied to two other nearby targets
      • Magic Burst is a room-wide AoE that deals 1000 damage without mitigation
  • After the cutscene, the quest is complete.