Quest 661

From Ethene
Name Demon Swordsman Tavern 魔剣士の酒場
Location True Gran Zedora Kingdom
Coordinates D-8
NPC Agatha アガサ
Requirements Quest 34 complete
Version 2.0 cleared
Version 5 registered
Previous Quest -
Next Quest 662
Rewards (First Time / Repeat)
Experience - -
Fame - -
Rewards Unlock Demon Swordsman vocation -


This quest begins at D-8 in T. Gran Zedora Kingdom. You'll know you're at the right area when you descend into a below-ground speakeasy.

  • Talk to "Agatha", the proprietor of the tavern to begin the quest.
  • Afterwards, speak to "Gibson" at a nearby table many times to learn of his sorrows. He tells you to go the the T. Mersandi Granary Belt and deal 300 damage in a single blow to the mini-demons there.
  • Mini-Demons are small creatures of the Imp line. Rev up your attack or tension and deal 300 damage in one strike to satisfy your thirst for violence.
  • Return to Gibson to complete the quest and unlock Demon Swordsman