Quest 677

From Ethene
Moonlight Never Goes Out (月明かりは消えない)
Location Moonlit Valley (月明かりの谷) (F-2)
Starting NPC Gooran (スララン)
Description -
Requirements Clear Quest 676 
Initial Reward 3 Gloaming Grass (マゴニア草)
Replay Reward 3 Silkblossom (シルク草)
EXP/Fame 83500P/92P
Replay EXP/Fame ?P/?P
Previous Quest Quest 676 Next Quest None


  • Talk to Gooran to receive the quest.
  • Talk to Valeria (ヴァレリア) in the Throne Room in Valdista Castle (バルディスタ城).
  • Examine the door of the private house in Fortress Valdista (バルディスタ要塞) at E-2 and select "Yes".
  • Enter the private house and talk to Lizty (リズティ) on the second floor.
  • Examine the light on the bouquet of flowers in Tabor Gorge (ターボル峡) at B-2 to receive the Valdia Zinnia Flowers (バルディジニアの花).
  • Return to Fortress Valdista and give it to Lizty.
  • Examine the "blue jar" next to Lizty and stick your hand inside the jar to begin a boss battle.
  • After defeating the boss, talk to the boss and receive the Children's Drawing (子供たちの絵).
  • Give it to Lizty.
  • Examine the tombstone in Moonlit Valley at D-5.
  • Speak with Lizty to complete the quest.