Quest 678

From Ethene
Cool Spiders, Cute Spiders (かっこよクモかわいクモ)
Location Northwest Warehouse of Soldier's Quarters in Valdista Castle (バルディスタ城、兵士詰め所階の倉庫)
Starting NPC Webney (ウェブニー)
Description -
Requirements After Version 5.5/Quest 632 
Initial Reward 2 Steel Wire (神秘の鋼線×2)
Replay Reward 2 Tangleweb (まだらくも糸×2)
EXP/Fame 79300P/88P
Replay EXP/Fame ?P/?P
Previous Quest Quest 632 Next Quest none


  • Defeat Vicious Feralball inhabiting Gradel Plateau (グラデル台地)(around D4-F6) and obtain "Elegance Flower".
  • Give it to Webney.
  • Talk to Spider.
  • Speak to "Chive" at D-6 in Demon King Castle 1F.
  • Ahead to the meeting room in the east wing of the castle, on the second floor.
  • Examine the vase behind Yushka.
  • Go back to Valdista castle. Speak to Webney and forgive her.