Quest 679

From Ethene
Protecting the Bazaar (バザールの護るもの)
Location Sand City Farazard (砂の都ファラザード) (G6)
Starting NPC Halley (ハーリー)
Description -
Requirements None 
Initial Reward 1 Nebulousphere (おぼろ水晶)
Replay Reward 1 Yellow Eye (イエローアイ)
EXP/Fame 77400P/85P
Replay EXP/Fame 12900P/?P
Previous Quest None Next Quest None


  • After receiving the quest, head to the Dungeon (地下牢) inside of Farazard Castle (ファラザード城) and speak to Pahkas (パハカース) at the bottom floor in the jail cell at F6.
  • Go to Bloody Beach (血潮の浜辺) and defeat Raven Lunatic (デスフラッター) around B4 until they drop Pahkas' Bone (パハカースの肋骨).
  • Go back and speak to Pahkas again. He'll give you Pahkas' Memo (パハカースのメモ). Bring this back to Halley.
  • In Sand City Farazard, clean up the broken cart and graffiti at F6, the trash next to the Monster Tavern (モンスター酒場) at C5, and the graffiti in the Housing Area (集合住宅) at B6. (These tasks can be done in any order).
  • Go back and speak to Halley to complete the quest.