Quest 689

From Ethene
That Secret Flavor(あの味の秘密)
Location Outer Fourion(フォーリオン・外郭) G-6
Starting NPC Nerimel (ネリメル)
Description -
Requirements V6.0 Completed Deep Green Trial Story(V6.0ストーリー「深翠の試練場」クリア) 
Initial Reward 2 Firmawood (天の香木×2)
Replay Reward 2 Pink Pine (きれいな枝×2)
EXP/Fame 83800P/88P
Replay EXP/Fame ?P/?P
Previous Quest None Next Quest None


  • Talk to Nerimel in Outer Fourion and receive a quest.
  • Speak to Fedira in Garden of Growth in Deep Green Trial.
  • Check the "Beehive" in Forest of Fertility D7 and get "Heaven Honey"(天上のはちみつ).
  • Back to Garden of Growth and give it to Fedira.
  • Defeat "Gigant Monkey" inhabiting the northern part of Forest of Fertility to obtain "Heaven Bananas"(天上のバナナ).
  • Go back to Garden of Growth. Give it to Fedira. Receive the "Special Honey Banana Bake"(特製ハニーバナナ焼き) from her.
  • Get one of the "Fresh Milk"(おいしいミルク) and give it to Nerimel to clear th quest.

Note; You can buy Fresh Milk from Grocery Rionne in the Garden of Growth.

Eating bananas provides a spa effect.