Quest 691

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Diligent Angels (まめに働く天使たち)
Location Place of Preparation(そなえの場) C-5
Starting NPC Tourio (トーリオ)
Description -
Requirements Completed 4 trials in the Ver6.0 story (Ver6.0ストーリーで 試練を4つクリア) 
Initial Reward 2 Pure White Crystal/5 Gold Nugget (純白の結晶×2/ゴールドストーン×5)
Replay Reward 3 Pale Pearl (ホワイトパール×3)
EXP/Fame 88P/ 83400P/
Replay EXP/Fame ?P/?P
Previous Quest none Next Quest none




  • Talk to Tourio at C-5 in Place of preparation and receive a quest.
  • Speak to Cashella. (at C-4)
  • Speak to Cashella and Jousset again.
  • In the Golden Trial, enter the Gratitemple and buy "Lucky Beans (フクフク豆)" for 5000 gold.
  • Defeat "Gale Tengu"(疾風テング) and obtain Delicious Beans(デリサース豆).
 note; Gale Tengu inhabits the Forest of Fertility, Wilderness of Trials
  • Report to Cashella.
  • Give it to Tourio to clear the quest.