Quest 77

From Ethene
The Traveling Entertainer's Apprentice (旅芸人の弟子)
Location Orphea Region West
Starting NPC Polfan
Description -
Requirements Lv30+ Minstrel
The Minstrel skill "Bonk". 
Initial Reward Minstrel Boots
Replay Reward 1020 XP
2 Urbea Copper Coins
EXP/Fame 2040 XP
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest None Next Quest Quest 78


  • Travel to the cave entrance at D4~D5 and talk to Polfan. They will ask you to use the skill Bonk on some enemies. Bonk is the first skill a minstrel can acquire so you should probably have it.
  • Head to Orphea Region East and make your way into the Orphea Underground Caves. The entrance is located at F5.
  • Enter a fight with the Squid Kid enemies. Make sure you successfully land Bonk before killing them.
  • After the cutscene plays return to Polfan to hand in the quest.