Quest 77

From Ethene
The Traveling Entertainer's Apprentice (旅芸人の弟子)
Location Orphea Region West
Starting NPC Polfan
Description -
Requirements Lv30+ Minstrel
The Minstrel skill "Bonk". 
Initial Reward Minstrel Boots
Replay Reward 1020 XP
2 Urbea Copper Coins
EXP/Fame 2040 XP
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest None Next Quest Quest 78


  1. Travel to the cave entrance at D4~D5 and talk to Polfan. They will ask you to use the skill Bonk on some enemies. Bonk is the first skill a minstrel can acquire so you should probably have it.
  2. Head to Orphea Region East and make your way into the Orphea Underground Caves. The entrance is located at F5.
  3. Enter a fight with the Squid Kid enemies. Make sure you successfully land Pratfall before killing them.
  4. After the cutscene plays return to Polfan to hand in the quest.