Quest 79

From Ethene
At the End of Training (修行の果てに)
Location Orphea Region West
Starting NPC Polfan
Description -
Requirements Lv30+ Minstrel 
Initial Reward Minstrel Chestpiece
Minstrel Pants
Replay Reward 3090 XP
4 Urbea Copper Coins
EXP/Fame 6180 XP/103 Fame
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 78 Next Quest Quest 80


  • Talk with Polfan in the cave at D4~D5 of Orphea Region West. They will ask you to travel to Orphea Region East and defeat some enemies.
  • Make your way Orphea Region East and travel to roughly around B5. The enemies you are looking for are called "Gum Shield". Defeat 5 of these and a cutscene should play.
  • Once your cutscene has finished return to Polfan to hand in the quest.