Quest 85

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Quest 85 - Swordmaster's Sorrow/Standing Guardian (なげきの妖剣士/立ちはだかる守護者)
Location The throne room at Glen Castle
Starting NPC Minister Chigri(チグリ大臣)
Description -
Initial Reward Gold Nugget x2 (ゴールドストーンx2)
Replay Reward Gold Nugget x1 (ゴールドストーンx1)
EXP/Fame 45,800P/86P
Replay EXP/Fame ?/?
Previous Quest Quest 84 Next Quest Quest 86


  • Talk to Minister Chigri and receive a quest.

Note; If you choose "Go Now(今すぐ行く)," you can warp to Sky Lake in the Landon Mountains.

  • After the cutscene the boss battle begins.
  • Go back to the castle. Report to Minister Chiguri to clear the quest.