Quest 87

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Prince Biang Dao
Quest 087: The Prince of Iniquity (いにしえの皇子)
Location Mount Gatara, Junk Castle @ B-4
Starting NPC Prince Biang Dao
Requirements Gatara Key Emblem
Initial Reward 3 Urbea Silver Coins
Replay Reward need info
EXP / Fame 27344 / 34
Previous Quest N/A Next Quest Quest 88


  • Enter the Junk Castle for a cutscene.
  • During the cutscene, Prince Dao asks you to accompany him to Urbea Underground Ruins.
  • After the cutscene ends, you appear outside of the Junk Castle with a dialog window offering a free teleport to the ruins. Nice!
  • Enter the ruins and navigate to the area called Lost City Tombs on the 3rd basement floor @ C-3.
    • From the entrance: go down the stairs @ E-3 to B2F, up the stairs @ D-2 back up to B1F, down the stairs @ A-2 to B2F and finally down the stairs @ A-4 to B3F.
  • Enter the doors for a cutscene and your reward.